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Tiffany and Chris's story began in 2014 at the Saint Louis Zoo. 

17 months later we tied the knot. 

Today we have three daughters (a dog and two cats), full time jobs, and we're on the treadmill called life just like you are. But we also have a dream. We love shooting photography and growing our business. And we love doing it together as teammates.

We especially love impacting the lives of the people around us by capturing their most cherished memories with the people they love most so that later in life they can open their storybook to share with their beloved grandchildren and feel all of those emotions from that day come rushing back again. 

While Tiffany had been shooting photography for several years on the side, Amber Mark Photography took its first breath in 2016, with a new vision to one day step away from working for someone else, and work for ourselves doing what we love -- being husband and wife photographers specializing in wedding and engagement photography.

The future of Amber Mark Photography is an exciting one. And the story is just beginning to be written! We'd love the opportunity to serve you! 

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