Vince + Kelsey + Baby | Forest Park Maternity | St Louis, MO | 2019

Vince + Kelsey + Baby

| Forest Park Maternity |

| St Louis, MO |

| 2019 |

She will move mountains...

Wow! Where to start with this amazing little family. Vince and Kelsey, we love you.

Vince and Kelsey are about to go from college sweethearts to mom and dad, and we’re SO EXCITED to meet little baby Cambruzzi! And since the spotlight is about to shift from you to baby Cambruzzi, we’ll offer one last toast to you:

Vince and Kelsey, we are truly grateful to know you. While Vince and Chris go way back to college where they were founding fathers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, we have all grown closer as the years pass. You are an inspiration to both of us, and we cherish the time we get to spend with you. From backpacking to running, or from daily motivation to life advice, you’ve always been there for us. As you turn the page to a new chapter in life, we know you’ll excel at parenting and provide your baby girl with the highest degrees of unconditional love. (And, yes, Vince … You’ll be the “cool dad” 😎.) A little girl couldn’t ask for better parents. We’re so excited to watch your family grow over the years!

So here’s to a future of friendship, love, and adventure. May your family flourish as high as the mountains.

And thank you for trusting Tiffany and I to help you capture some of your best memories that will live through generations!

We love you all… All three of you 😊🥰

Tiff & Chris

Brad + Maura | The Jewel Box Wedding + Andres West | St Louis, MO

Brad + Maura

| The Jewel Box + Andres West |

| St Louis, MO |

Mr + Mrs

This couple. We just love them! If you remember from their engagement session blog, they planned their wedding before they were engaged! —Rockstars— 🌟 We are so excited to share their wedding day blog with you!

Every detail of their day was perfect. So many personal touches. We were told that Maura’s family does nothing without purple, so purple was tied into so many details! Like the purple Hershey’s chocolate kisses!(💜💜💜) Their reception venue, Andre’s West, in old historic downtown Fenton, Missouri, features a patio that was the perfect spot for Brad and Maura’s first look. When the time came, Brad stood on the patio facing away from where Maura was going to walk in. As the waiting for Maura began and she got closer, his emotion started to show. He admitted, “Alright, I think that I might cry.” Moments later, Maura started walking toward him, with pretty much the biggest smile we have ever seen, and she tapped him on the shoulder. The joy, smiles, emotions that followed were beautiful. We won’t confirm or deny whether Brad shed some tears when he saw Maura, but we can assure you we did!

Their ceremony took place at The Jewel Box, an art-deco greenhouse gem in Forest Park, St. Louis, Missouri! It was stunning. The glass walls, high ceilings, and light everywhere created a breathtaking and romantic venue! Filled with greenery, a fountain, and a long aisle, this venue quickly became one of our favorites!

Brad and Maura, we loved spending your special day with you! The people that surround you are incredible! (Seriously!) Everyone was so welcoming, helpful, and kind! We felt as though we were your guests, instead of your photographers. ❤️ Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your incredible day! We are so excited to see how your world unfolds together. The two of you make one fabulous team!

Congratulations, again! Here’s to Mr & Mrs!

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Meghan: Class of 2019 | Senior Portraits | Faust Park | Chesterfield, MO | 2018

Meghan: Class of 2019

| Senior Portraits |

| Faust Park |

| Chesterfield, MO |

| 2018 |

“Oh, they’re going!!!” screamed Meghan’s mom as Meghan dove out of the way of a flock of geese.

There were many hilarious moments during Meghan’s senior portrait session at Faust Park in Chesterfield, Missouri. At first, Meghan seemed shy, but by the end she was cracking jokes and striking sassy poses! 💁🏼‍♀️✨

We thought it was great that Meghan’s family came out for support, but we aren’t sure Meghan thought so! “Eww!” she’d say when we’d tell her look over at her parents. Of course, this was all in fun spirit, as she seems close to her awesome little family. ❤️ Her mom was super excited for her session and helped us make sure that her hair and necklace were in the right place, as it was a pretty windy day!

When Meghan isn’t getting attacked by geese, you can probably catch her doing one of a handful of favorite activities, including reading, writing stories, climbing trees, eating spaghetti, or flying down the basketball court on a fast break. She also plays piano and clarinet and is a drum major at Orchard Farm High School, where she’ll be graduating as Class of 2019! Such a busy lady!

We had fun hanging with Meghan and her family during her senior session, but they couldn’t wait to get home for spaghetti night! 🍝 Meghan’s favorite!

Congratulations, Meghan! We’re super excited to see where you go in life! Good luck with your biology studies! ✨

Much Love,

Tiffany & Chris // Amber Mark Photography

Let new adventures begin!

Lexy: Class of 2019 | PART 2 | Senior Portraits Southwestern High School | Piasa, IL | 2018

| Lexy: Class of 2019 |


| Senior Portraits |

| Southwestern High School | Piasa, IL |

| 2018 |

Remember Lexy? Our athletic senior that nailed poses at Willoughby Heritage Farm like it was her job?

Well she’s back.

And her bow and camo say she’s not messing around.

Just kidding. It’s just a blog post! Have no fear; Lexy is amazing. (Unless you are the hunted!). Note to the guys trying to date Lexy — fair warning. Her dad, Jeff, maaaaay intimidate you. (Just kidding! He’s a big teddy bear!) Truly, Lexy is a gem and will make a man very lucky one day. Jeff and Missi, you’ve raised yet another amazing girl.

As we mentioned in her first blog post, Lexy is so talented and busy, she needed TWO senior sessions to capture all of her hobbies! We shot Lexy’s second session at Piasa Southwestern High School, where she’ll be graduating as Class of 2019. As you can tell, she loves the outdoors and bow hunting, but is just as excited to be in a Piasa Birds uniform spiking volleyballs or dribbling down the basketball court.

Congratulations again, Lexy!

Lexy: Class of 2019 | Senior Portraits at Willoughby Heritage Farm

We love seniors for many reasons. The obvious: they’re sweet, fun, hip, and more fashionable than us. And they’re at the intersection of high school and deciding how they’re going to make their mark on the world.

In a few months, Lexy will be doing just that after graduating from Southwestern High School — GO PIASA BIRDS!

We visited Willoughby Heritage Farm in Collinsville, Illinois for her first senior session — the same location we shot her sister’s wedding (Lauren) in September 2016! And yes, you read that correctly … this senior is such a talented and busy lady that she needed TWO senior sessions to capture all of her hobbies!

“Whoa, whoa, whoa… what’s a Piasa Bird?” you ask? Well, just take a gander at this giant creature (link provided). Legend has it, “The Piasa” hunted along the bluffs of the Mississippi River near Alton, Illinois during the time of the Illiniwek Indians. (Don’t worry, Chief Ouatoga devised a plan to slay the dragon.)

Anyway, back to our feature senior. Here’s to Class of 2019, Lexy!!! You’re about the conquer the world.

Don’t forget! This is just Part One! Catch Part Two coming soon!

Much Love,

Tiffany Amber & Christopher Mark

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