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Lexy: Class of 2019 | Senior Portraits at Willoughby Heritage Farm

We love seniors for many reasons. The obvious: they’re sweet, fun, hip, and more fashionable than us. And they’re at the intersection of high school and deciding how they’re going to make their mark on the world.

In a few months, Lexy will be doing just that after graduating from Southwestern High School — GO PIASA BIRDS!

We visited Willoughby Heritage Farm in Collinsville, Illinois for her first senior session — the same location we shot her sister’s wedding (Lauren) in September 2016! And yes, you read that correctly … this senior is such a talented and busy lady that she needed TWO senior sessions to capture all of her hobbies!

“Whoa, whoa, whoa… what’s a Piasa Bird?” you ask? Well, just take a gander at this giant creature (link provided). Legend has it, “The Piasa” hunted along the bluffs of the Mississippi River near Alton, Illinois during the time of the Illiniwek Indians. (Don’t worry, Chief Ouatoga devised a plan to slay the dragon.)

Anyway, back to our feature senior. Here’s to Class of 2019, Lexy!!! You’re about the conquer the world.

Don’t forget! This is just Part One! Catch Part Two coming soon!

Much Love,

Tiffany Amber & Christopher Mark

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Family Portrait Session at The Nature Institute in Godfrey, Illinois

We LOVE any time we get to spend with our close friends Nick and Katie and their beautiful family!

Nick and Katie proposed The Nature Institute in Godfrey, Illinois for their family portraits, which made for a spectacular photo spot. If you’re a hiker or just love the outdoors, check out this hidden gem. We explored two areas, known as the Olin Nature Preserve and the Mississippi Sanctuary, totaling over 300 acres of land. The area features multiple overlooks and several hiking trails.

We’re confident you’ll love the area! Just don’t bring your dogs! 😳🐶🚫

This family is very special to us. Chris and Nick go wayyy back. Probably too far back. In fact, Nick and Chris were roomies for four years in college. Yikes! Chris met Katie through Nick back in high school, and they also worked together years ago. (If I’m not mistaken, Nick declared his love for Katie back in high school. Fate.) Last but certainly not least, Tiffany and Ava began their friendship in Michigan after Ava declared Tiffany was her best friend.

We’ve really enjoyed watching Nick and Katie’s sweet little family grow, and we’re anxious to share their photos with you. They have three incredibly adorable children that are constantly on the go! They’d give the Energizer Bunny a run for his money. Kudos, Nick and Katie, for your stamina.

During the session, energy levels were so high that we had to bribe Ava and Isaac with M&M’s and sour gummy worms! Every few shots 📸, we rewarded them with a piece of candy. Isaac quickly informed us that he really only likes the blue gummy worms! Thanks for the heads up, buddy.

(Sorry, Nick and Katie, for the sugar high! 😂)

Your kiddos, Ava, Isaac, and Layla are so beautiful and we loved the laughter they carried throughout the session.

We are so grateful for friends like you in our lives!


Much Love // Tiffany & Chris

Amber Mark Photography

Ryan & Cheryl's Engagement Session at Creve Coeur Lake

Ryan & Cheryl's Engagement Session at Creve Coeur Lake

This lovely evening was all about Ryan and Cheryl! We were blessed with phenomenal weather for their engagement session at Creve Coeur Lake in Maryland Heights, St. Louis, Missouri. They have been dating since high school and their wedding is set for October 19, 2018 at Defiance Ridge Vineyard!! We just love October weddings and can't wait for their big day!

Nathan's Class of 2018 Senior Portraits!

Hey guys!! Meet Nathan. He's one of eight siblings and is graduating this spring in the Class of 2018!! In case you missed our last post, we shot Nathan and his brother Ryan's senior portraits at several locations in St. Louis, including Tower Grove Park, Compton Hill Reservoir Park, Lafayette Park and Lafayette Square. Of course, the morning wouldn't have been complete without a pitstop to Park Avenue Coffee!! 

Nathan is a one-of-a-kind guy with a genuine smile, a kind heart, and an arsenal of jokes! He'll definitely keep you laughing every minute you spend with him. But don't let that fool you ... he's very smart and will be graduating early in May!!

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Have a phenomenal week!!

Tiffany & Chris

A Jefferson Underground Wedding: Jessica & Kurtis

Ah ... the Midwest. It's hot. Then it's cold. And this time, it was cold on the wedding day of a fabulous young St. Louis couple, Jessica and Kurtis! They were planning to tie the knot on a popular rooftop of a renovated art-deco building in the heart of St. Louis. A quick history ... General Motors Corporation purchased the property in 1920 to build St. Louis main Chevrolet dealership. Fast forward to 2002, and renovation begins to restore the building to it's original state. Fun fact: 95% of the materials used to create the rooftop space are recycled, and most of it picked up from trash/dumpsters from the area, including granite, stone, metal, bar equipment, tables, chairs, etc. How cool is that? Needless to say, the ceremony ended up being indoors due to cold temperatures, but it was still gorgeous! 

Being a part of this wedding was a blast. But getting to know the Bride and Groom, Jessica and Kurtis, was a special pleasure. One of the best things about being a wedding photographer is learning about the special couple you are photographing. You learn their story. You pick up on how much they love each other. What things make them grin or embarrassed. What things make them shy. And you also learn behind-the-scene notes on items/ideas that are incorporated into the wedding and the sentimental meaning they hold dearly to the most important people of the day. We especially loved the blue heart stitched by Jessica's mother, Jane, into the back of her wedding dress, and the table display in memory of Jessica's father. Jessica and Kurtis created an extra level of specialness to their wedding day. And let’s be honest, both of us had several teary-eyed moments throughout the day as we were looking through our cameras. 

As you can see, Jessica truly glowed on her wedding day! She was absolutely stunning! Even Kurtis couldn't resist smiling nonstop even though he was burnt out on taking pictures!! (Good hangin' in there, trooper!) Their reception was lovely too, and the toasts included a very special gift from the bride's mother. 

As we've said before, the moody Midwest weather doesn't always like to play nice ... but that didn't stop our amazing bridal party from getting stellar images!! Such a lovely, eclectic venue that we hope to visit again soon! 

It is a pleasure knowing you, Kurtis & Jessica, and we hope to stay in touch through the future!! We hope you have a WONDERFUL honeymoon!!

Congratulations!! ❤️

Tiffany & Chris | Amber Mark Photography