Summer Vacation Part 2: Crystal Mountain Wedding

If you missed Part 1 in our last post, you can check it out here. Make sure you catch that post and see the adorable Ava and Isaac!!

The weather couldn't have been more perfect (mid 70's and no humidity!) for Levi and DeSiree's wedding day last Saturday, 7/1/17. Their ceremony was at the Congressional Summer Assembly in Frankfort, Michigan, followed by a GORGEOUS wedding reception at the base of the ski lifts of Crystal Mountain Ski Resort in Thompsonville, Michigan.

As we mentioned in our last post (Part 1), for the first time in almost two years, we were wedding guests rather than wedding photographers... but, naturally, we did have our cameras out periodically. Of course--if you'll let me digress for a moment--because we know firsthand just how frustrating it is photographing a wedding when wedding guests are in the way taking their own photos, we were especially aware and respectful of the wedding photographers... even though the wedding photographers were Nikon users! *gasp!* ;) . 

Highlights from the evening were the delectable hors d'oeuvres, the emotional toast speeches from the Father of the Bride, the Maid of Honor, and three Groomsmen, the free ski lift rides, and of course the beautiful scenery of Crystal Mountain.

Below are some of our favorite moments from Levi and DeSiree's wedding reception, including Ava (Nick and Katie's 3-year-old daughter) cutting up the dance floor with the beautiful Bride and Groom...

...more of Ava and Isaac, including a giggle-fit Isaac had in Tiffany's arms, Isaac getting a free ride from Dad (Nick), and Dan being a True Gentleman escorting Ava...

...and the beautiful couple from Chicago, Dan and Erica!! Don't be fooled by where they live...they're probably more outdoorsy than you are! The following morning at 8:00 AM EST, they set off for the south shore of Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula for a four-day and three-night hike along the amazing multicolored Pictured Rocks cliffs. Gotta love 'em!!

PS - Part 3 of our trip coming soon! Stay tuned!

Much Love,


Tiffany & Chris

Amber Mark Photography

Summer Vacation Part 1: Sandy Activities in Michigan

Last week we escaped St. Louis, Missouri to get our first true taste of Michigan's pure beauty ("Pure Michigan", as they say). For the first time in almost two years, we were on the other side of the camera, as wedding guests rather than wedding photographers! Admittedly, it was a refreshing break. Our friends Levi and DeSiree from Macomb, Illinois area were getting married on July 1st in Frankfort, Michigan, so why not make a vacation out of it? Funny thing is, no matter how much you plan, you can't plan for unplanned things! (Spoiler Alert: Spontaneity was the theme of the trip.)

Here are some highlights of our time in Michigan (but note, this is just Part 1!)

  • The tone of the trip was established before even leaving St. Louis, Missouri by Tiffany suggesting we "be spontaneous" and leave Thursday evening instead of the following morning, as originally planned. However, we didn't get away until 10:00 PM CST, dropped our daughter (dog), Audi, off at Chris's parents' an hour later, grabbed some caffeine and headed north. Fast forward to 2:30 AM and 235 miles down Interstate 55, and instead of stopping in Illinois to sleep, we drank more caffeine and drove through the night. That landed us at our hotel in Manistee, Michigan at 9:00 AM EST and our hotel bed 10 minutes later. (On a positive note, there was no traffic so we flew through a ton of Indiana construction on Interstate 94, and also saw a Michigan sunrise!)
  • That afternoon (after we awoke from hibernation), we got some beach time in at 5th Avenue Beach on Lake Michigan with our close friends Nick and Katie and their two ADORABLE children Ava (3) and Isaac (1). Ava immediately declared that Tiffany was her best friend, and told her mother that Tiffany was staying the night with her. So cute. Ava absolutely loved the water (despite it being freezing cold!), and taught us some really "fun" games including "Splash Chris's Shirt!" Although Katie mentioned her struggles getting Ava to smile in pictures, we worked our magic and got her to crack! (I guess it may have helped that Tiffany is now her best friend.) Here are some favorites from the beach! 

And in case you didn't get enough of Ava and Isaac's cuteness (don't pretend like they don't grab your heart!), our next blog post features Part 2 of our Summer Vacation: Levi & DeSiree's Michigan Wedding!!

Much Love,

Tiffany & Chris

Amber Mark Photography

Oh, PS - Here's your Lake Michigan sunset ;)