St. Charles MO

Michael & Amy's Engagement Session in New Town at St. Charles! πŸ’πŸ“·βœ¨

Congratulations on beginning your fairytale! 

We are truly blessed for the opportunity to share Amy and Michael's engagement session with you! After multiple rescheduled dates due to inclement weather, we finally got the perfect sunny afternoon to witness the love between Amy & Michael and capture their engagement pictures. What a blast! There were many moments during the session that made us laugh in New Town, Saint Charles, Missouri. One was a couple walking by the New Town Amphitheatre (who had clearly been having a little too much fun!), who stopped right in front of the camera to pose like a prom couple with Amy and Michael! Towards the end of the session, Mr. Motorcycle Man stopped on the bridge to pose with the future bride and groom! Guess we missed the memo that we were shooting celebrities!?!? 😊 

Friends. Let us not forget that we love hanging out with this couple outside of photography. Yes -- did we mention they like to hang out with us too?? (That's what we tell ourselves, anyway!) Their occasional visits to St. Louis usually consists of a Cheesecake Factory date, chatting wedding, donuts for breakfast (Breakfast of ChampionsπŸ’ͺ🏼), playing with our cats and dog (even though Michael is allergic to cats), hiking, and (thanks to Michael's introduction) the men obsessing over Oculus Rift (yes, the guys are nerds!). They are good people, great friends, and an amazing couple together. We're so grateful for our friendship!

We're confident you're "awwww-ing" over their beautiful pictures, but needless to say, that's just Amy and Michael. The love they share for one another just oozes out of them. You don't have to spend much time around them to get a glimpse of how sweet and genuine their hearts truly are. Amy is a very bubbly, happy person, and brings joy to every room and every person she encounters! Even over SnapChat when you've had a bad day! (Cue the song, Had a Bad Day by Daniel Powter.) Michael is hardworking, intelligent, patient, and strives to love Amy unconditionally. Their fairytale is the beginning of a beautiful story, and we're so excited to be a part of the Happily Ever After! We love you guys!

We are so excited and can hardly wait for their garden wedding in June 2019!

Drop Amy and Michael a comment below! πŸ’•

Ryan & Cheryl's Engagement Session at Creve Coeur Lake

Ryan & Cheryl's Engagement Session at Creve Coeur Lake

This lovely evening was all about Ryan and Cheryl! We were blessed with phenomenal weather for their engagement session at Creve Coeur Lake in Maryland Heights, St. Louis, Missouri. They have been dating since high school and their wedding is set for October 19, 2018 at Defiance Ridge Vineyard!! We just love October weddings and can't wait for their big day!

New Town St. Charles Senior Portraits - Emma, Class of 2018!

Happy Friday from St. Louis, Missouri!!!

Last weekend we had the joy of taking Emma’s senior portraits in the New Town St. Charles, Missouri! Emma chose such a beautiful and unique site for her senior portraits, as this area features modern homes on an old-style street grid with easy walking to shops, recreation, and eateries, along with lakes and canals. 

Emma is the oldest of three sisters, but contrary to popular belief, we just can’t see her being the older mean sibling. She is one of the sweetest girls you’ll meet ... just don’t cross her on the soccer field!! Rumor has it she’s a killer soccer player and very aggressive and fierce on the field. There is only one thing standing in the way of playing on her favorite soccer team (US Women’s National Soccer Team) ... and that's selecting a college to play soccer for! 

Until then, she'll be finishing her senior year in homeschooling and playing soccer for Belleville East before graduating in the Class of 2018!! Congratulations, Emma!!

(OH! And a very special shout out to Brad and Kelly for raising such an amazing and beautiful young lady! You deserve to be proud of her!)

Check out sneak peeks of Emma's senior portrait session below! 


Much Love,

Tiffany & Chris of Amber Mark Photography