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Ezekiel: Class of 2019 | Senior Portraits | St Louis Zoo + Laumeier Sculpture Park | St Louis, MO

Ezekiel: Class of 2019

| Senior Portraits |

| St Louis Zoo + Laumeier Sculpture Park |

| St Louis, MO |

Meet Ezekiel — Class of 2019, future zoologist, future stand-up comedian, and the next Bob Dylan.

Just kidding about the latter two, although he could definitely be a successful comedian — he’s hilarious. And although he doesn’t actually play guitar, he pulled off a stellar faux platinum album cover with the guitar. He said he’s always joking with his friends and pretending he can play guitar, so he facetiously wanted a guitar included in his senior pictures. Which we thought was hilarious! However, if you presumed Ezekiel is musically illiterate — you’d be wrong. He is quite the drummer on the worship team at church.

Ezekiel would love to become a zoologist, as we learned of his passions while at the zoo during his senior photography. He also volunteers regularly at the zoo, and a few of his favorite animals include the grizzly bears, the polar bears, and the seals. He was especially fond of 5-year-old Kali, the 1,000-pound polar bear rescued from Alaska (And, yes, he even knows the names of animals and their stories!!).

We’re excited to see where this handsome young man’s ambition takes him in life, and we were especially grateful for the opportunity to photograph his senior portraits!

Congratulations, Ezekiel!

Much Love,

Tiffany & Chris // Amber Mark Photography

Grace: Class of 2019 | Senior Portraits | Grand Basis + The Muny at Forest Park | St Louis, MO | 2018

Grace: Class of 2019

| Senior Portraits |

| Grand Basis + The Muny at Forest Park |

| St Louis, MO |

| 2018 |

Smile often. Think positively. Give thanks. Laugh loudly. Love others. Dream big.
— unknown

Meet Grace.

She’s fit, she’s fun, she’s sweet, and always has a smile on her face! Grace loves riding and jumping horses, and also participates in horse shows! She’s the middle sibling of three sisters, all relatively close in age. In fact, we shot Grace’s older sister Emma’s senior portraits just over a year ago as Class of 2018!

Grace will soon be leaving the nest as a Class of 2019 graduate to begin a new chapter in life. Although her parents may have a tough time letting their second beautiful daughter go, Grace is every bit of charged and ready to take on whatever life throws her way.

We had a blast with Grace and her mom, Kelly, shooting Grace’s senior portraits in Forest Park, St. Louis. We covered a lot of ground in just a couple hours, from the Grand Basin to the Muny. Thank God for the perfect weather!

Grace, we’re so excited to see you grow in the coming years. So Congratulations, and here’s to Class of 2019!

Much Love,

Tiffany & Chris // Amber Mark Photography

Meghan: Class of 2019 | Senior Portraits | Faust Park | Chesterfield, MO | 2018

Meghan: Class of 2019

| Senior Portraits |

| Faust Park |

| Chesterfield, MO |

| 2018 |

“Oh, they’re going!!!” screamed Meghan’s mom as Meghan dove out of the way of a flock of geese.

There were many hilarious moments during Meghan’s senior portrait session at Faust Park in Chesterfield, Missouri. At first, Meghan seemed shy, but by the end she was cracking jokes and striking sassy poses! 💁🏼‍♀️✨

We thought it was great that Meghan’s family came out for support, but we aren’t sure Meghan thought so! “Eww!” she’d say when we’d tell her look over at her parents. Of course, this was all in fun spirit, as she seems close to her awesome little family. ❤️ Her mom was super excited for her session and helped us make sure that her hair and necklace were in the right place, as it was a pretty windy day!

When Meghan isn’t getting attacked by geese, you can probably catch her doing one of a handful of favorite activities, including reading, writing stories, climbing trees, eating spaghetti, or flying down the basketball court on a fast break. She also plays piano and clarinet and is a drum major at Orchard Farm High School, where she’ll be graduating as Class of 2019! Such a busy lady!

We had fun hanging with Meghan and her family during her senior session, but they couldn’t wait to get home for spaghetti night! 🍝 Meghan’s favorite!

Congratulations, Meghan! We’re super excited to see where you go in life! Good luck with your biology studies! ✨

Much Love,

Tiffany & Chris // Amber Mark Photography

Let new adventures begin!

Ryan's Class of 2018 Senior Portraits!

Hello, world! 

Meet Ryan, graduating Class of 2018. CONGRATULATIONS RYAN!!!

Ryan is one of five of Tiffany's younger brothers. He's a charming man with a very bright future. (And an amazing catch for a lucky woman one day!) We weren't able to pry out his future career plans, but we learned a ton of his interests -- one being photography! :) 

This was such an exciting morning!! It was a simultaneous double-header senior portrait session (is that possible?) for both Ryan and his brother, Nathan. 

Look for Nathan's senior session coming soon! We'll post a link here when it's up, but don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram too!!

First stop: Tower Grove Park in St. Louis, Missouri! The trees here were BURSTING with color!! We are so thankful we were able to capture the beauty before the leaves fall.

Although it was an overcast morning, there was plenty of light for this good-looking man to showcase his smile for a couple hours!! 

Brick buildings were also on Ryan's list so we perused the street scene in Lafayette Square ... But first ... priorities! We made a pitstop at Park Avenue Coffee for some espresso and coffees! (Great place, BTW! Check them out!)

On the way to Lafayette Square, though, we veered from the plan (and the road) for a moment (SQUIRREL!!!) for some awesome pictures at the Compton Hill Reservoir Park!!

Don't forget to keep an eye out for Ryan's brother Nathan's senior portrait session too! We'll post a link here when it's up! 

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Have a phenomenal weekend!!

Tiffany & Chris

Henry's 7 1/2 Month Portrait Session at Cliff Cave County Park!

With the meaning of his name being "Ruler of the Household", you will quickly learn that Henry is exactly that! This little guy has a way of stealing your heart and melting it with his little two-toothed grin! And don't even get us started on those cute baby cheeks! You'll fall in love with this happy boy the second you see him. 

This past weekend we had the pleasure of shooting Henry's 7.5 month pictures at Cliff Cave County Park in Saint Louis, MO!! Cliff Cave Park is one of our all time favorites and we were so excited to introduce Chris, Sarah, Henry, and their dog Yahtzee to it! We're pretty sure Sarah has a sore arm from being pulled around the park by Yahtzee!! Dad was on Henry duty--his main job was to keep Henry smiling!!. 😊 Not sure who had more fun, Yahtzee or Henry?!

Of course, this is the Midwest, so we had many breaks to warm Henry up. Does anyone else feel like there are no longer seasons between Summer and Winter!?!? We sped through pictures as quick as we could so Henry's lips wouldn't turn blue; although, we did think his little red nose is super adorable! Check out this total cutie below!!

Much Love,

Tiffany & Chris | Amber Mark Photography