Meet Cadence

Meet Cadence.

Part Princess ... Part Houdini. 

This beautiful young lady has the ability to stun you with her innocent smile then disappear before your regain your senses. And she's fast. 

While dancing through her entire photo session, she wore that smile that won our hearts! She is rather spunky, a bit of a tomboy (She loved playing in the grass and dirt! Lol!), and is always on the go! (No, really--she never stops moving!)

She's the cherry on top but the foundation is her amazing family. She's got an awesome older brother. A future chick-magnet by trade, and a for sure mini-Steve.

Which brings us to their two top-tier parents that are as awesome as they are kind. Steve and Stacey are the kind of friends you want to keep around for a lifetime. (As long as you don't mention Steve's hair--he's sensitive...)

Steve and Stacey and Gang -- THANK YOU for letting us capture the love of your family!!

Check out the rest of their sneak peeks below!! ⬇️

Much Love, 

Tiffany & Chris