Clayton + Rachel | Old Town Saint Charles | Engagement Session | Saint Charles, MO | 2019

Clayton + Rachel

| Old Town Saint Charles |

| Engagement Session |

| Saint Charles, MO |

| 2019 |

We’re grateful for life. We’re grateful to know good people. And we’re grateful our passion for people and wedding photography allows us the opportunity to meet even more good people.

Clayton and Rachel are the epitome of good people. They love, they laugh, they care, and they’re genuine. And together they’re perfect.

Clayton proposed to Rachel at the beautiful Castlewood State Park last November, and soon they’ll be married and opening new chapters together.

Thank you for trusting us with capturing the love you two share, and we’re SO excited for your wedding! For everyone else, keep an eye out later this year to catch their wedding photography!

Much Love,

Tiffany & Chris // Amber Mark Photography

Michael + Brittany | St Louis Estates Historic Von Eime | Engagement Session | Sunset Hills, MO | 2018

Michael + Brittany

| St Louis Estates Historic Von Eime |

| Engagement Session |

| Sunset Hills, MO |

| 2018 |

brittanyandmichaelblogsneaks (1 of 61).jpg
“I don’t believe in magic.”
The young boy said.
The old man smiled.
”You will, when you see her.”
— Atticus

We are super excited to share Michael and Brittany’s engagement session with you!

It was truly a blessing to get a little taste of St. Louis history, nestled quietly in the middle of Sunset Hills in St. Louis. We’ve called St. Louis “home” our whole lives and have lived just minutes away from this hidden gem since 2014, but unaware of its existence.

Michael and Brittany’s engagement session was photographed at a beautiful Sunset Hills location, now known as the St. Louis Estates Historic Von Eime. Formerly a vineyard and farm, the land features rolling acres of scenic open space surrounded by an audience of painted trees, native plants, and abundant wildlife. 

Just a short time spent in the natural beauty and tranquility made us feel like we were out in the country… That is, until we ventured far enough to hear whispers of cars on I-270 through the trees, which brought us back to reality — “Oh, yeah, we’re still in St Louis, Dear!”

Fun Fact: We were also amazed to learn from Mr. Todd A. Strong that although the St. Louis Estates Historic Von Eime was built in 1852, it has never been photographed for a portrait session before!!

The experience was really exciting and it was a great little reset from the treadmill called life!

Mike and Brittany are the perfect match. Mike is a police officer and Brittany teaches the sixth grade, and together they impact the lives of many, which they’re passionate about. Unfortunately, their time together is often limited due to opposite work schedules, making the time they do spend together evermore special. The location for their engagement session was fitting, as they both enjoy the outdoors. Mike grew up on a family farm and enjoys hunting, and Brittany loves hanging out with Ruger, their ADORABLE little fur-baby!

Brittany and Mike met online and hit the ground running. Well, sort of. Apparently, the first date did not go well!! 😂. We don’t know the story behind it, but they are especially grateful for agreeing to a second date! They both chuckled when they told us this, so we suspect there is quite a story! 😊 Fast forward a few years, and Michael proposed to Brittany out west at the edge of Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Such an AMAZING location choice!!! Wow!

Mike and Brittany, we’re so incredibly happy for you and so excited for your wedding!

Much Love,

Tiffany & Chris // Amber Mark Photography

Meghan: Class of 2019 | Senior Portraits | Faust Park | Chesterfield, MO | 2018

Meghan: Class of 2019

| Senior Portraits |

| Faust Park |

| Chesterfield, MO |

| 2018 |

“Oh, they’re going!!!” screamed Meghan’s mom as Meghan dove out of the way of a flock of geese.

There were many hilarious moments during Meghan’s senior portrait session at Faust Park in Chesterfield, Missouri. At first, Meghan seemed shy, but by the end she was cracking jokes and striking sassy poses! 💁🏼‍♀️✨

We thought it was great that Meghan’s family came out for support, but we aren’t sure Meghan thought so! “Eww!” she’d say when we’d tell her look over at her parents. Of course, this was all in fun spirit, as she seems close to her awesome little family. ❤️ Her mom was super excited for her session and helped us make sure that her hair and necklace were in the right place, as it was a pretty windy day!

When Meghan isn’t getting attacked by geese, you can probably catch her doing one of a handful of favorite activities, including reading, writing stories, climbing trees, eating spaghetti, or flying down the basketball court on a fast break. She also plays piano and clarinet and is a drum major at Orchard Farm High School, where she’ll be graduating as Class of 2019! Such a busy lady!

We had fun hanging with Meghan and her family during her senior session, but they couldn’t wait to get home for spaghetti night! 🍝 Meghan’s favorite!

Congratulations, Meghan! We’re super excited to see where you go in life! Good luck with your biology studies! ✨

Much Love,

Tiffany & Chris // Amber Mark Photography

Let new adventures begin!

Jessica & Kurtis's Engagement Session at Lafayette Park

We first met these two fine looking lovebirds at St. Louis Bread Company a few months back, and instantly found a ton in common, from the love of our dogs to the area we grew up in! Just a couple weeks after meeting, Tiffany was speaking with a woman who turned out to be Jessica's mother, Jane! What a small world! Jane gave Tiffany a peek of Jessica's (gorgeous!) wedding dress, which was really exciting.


This weekend, we were able to pull Kurtis away from his projects and work and got him to share some smiles with us and his beautiful future bride, Jessica. As soon as we met this lovely couple at Lafayette Park in St. Louis, we thought we were going to have an extra helper along for the ride because Jessica ran in to her boss, Mary--who is extremely nice and appeared to have an endless supply of high energy!! She was super excited to get to see Jessica and Kurtis before we all scurried off for engagement pictures. Of course, we had to work around another wedding ceremony and reception taking place at the park, but that was no big deal. It was great weather and we all rocked it!


Kurtis and Jessica, we can't thank you enough for trusting us with your engagement and wedding photography! It's been such a pleasure meeting you and spending some time getting to know you better... and we can't WAIT for your wedding this fall!!


Much Love,

Tiffany & Chris

Amber Mark Photography