Henry's 7 1/2 Month Portrait Session at Cliff Cave County Park!

With the meaning of his name being "Ruler of the Household", you will quickly learn that Henry is exactly that! This little guy has a way of stealing your heart and melting it with his little two-toothed grin! And don't even get us started on those cute baby cheeks! You'll fall in love with this happy boy the second you see him. 

This past weekend we had the pleasure of shooting Henry's 7.5 month pictures at Cliff Cave County Park in Saint Louis, MO!! Cliff Cave Park is one of our all time favorites and we were so excited to introduce Chris, Sarah, Henry, and their dog Yahtzee to it! We're pretty sure Sarah has a sore arm from being pulled around the park by Yahtzee!! Dad was on Henry duty--his main job was to keep Henry smiling!!. 😊 Not sure who had more fun, Yahtzee or Henry?!

Of course, this is the Midwest, so we had many breaks to warm Henry up. Does anyone else feel like there are no longer seasons between Summer and Winter!?!? We sped through pictures as quick as we could so Henry's lips wouldn't turn blue; although, we did think his little red nose is super adorable! Check out this total cutie below!!

Much Love,

Tiffany & Chris | Amber Mark Photography

Meet Cadence

Meet Cadence.

Part Princess ... Part Houdini. 

This beautiful young lady has the ability to stun you with her innocent smile then disappear before your regain your senses. And she's fast. 

While dancing through her entire photo session, she wore that smile that won our hearts! She is rather spunky, a bit of a tomboy (She loved playing in the grass and dirt! Lol!), and is always on the go! (No, really--she never stops moving!)

She's the cherry on top but the foundation is her amazing family. She's got an awesome older brother. A future chick-magnet by trade, and a for sure mini-Steve.

Which brings us to their two top-tier parents that are as awesome as they are kind. Steve and Stacey are the kind of friends you want to keep around for a lifetime. (As long as you don't mention Steve's hair--he's sensitive...)

Steve and Stacey and Gang -- THANK YOU for letting us capture the love of your family!!

Check out the rest of their sneak peeks below!! ⬇️

Much Love, 

Tiffany & Chris