Cassie and Joe: A Romantic St. Louis Wedding


“Love, laughter, and happily ever after.”

Dear Cassie and Joe,


This is a special blog post involving the uniting of two high school sweet hearts, generations of love, and ... well, we bet you're TOTALLY in the DARK on how Joe proposed!!!

First and foremost … Joe and Cassie’s story began 7 years ago during high school. Yes … They’re high school sweethearts!!! And after attending 13 dances together, they finally had their first husband and wife dance on September 15, 2018! Imagine what it will be like for them to one day tell their grandchildren that “Grandpa and Grandma were high school sweethearts” … !!! 💕

Oh … that’s right. Back to the story. Let me enlighten you … 🌞

Joe proposed to Cassie during totality of the solar eclipse in 2017. Cassie — completely in the dark (😂 get it!? 🤦🏻‍♂️) — just thought they were at Stone Hill Winery for the eclipse… but Joe threw her a curve ball when he got down on one knee!

Cassie’s ring is very special, too, as Joe put extra love into it. Each diamond is a gift from generations of family, now supported in a custom setting designed by Joe, which he left in bare metal to symbolize the work he does each day.

Their story has no shortage of love, that’s for sure.

Cassie, we’re very proud of you for your hard work planning such a perfect day, and commend you for successfully handing off the reigns once your wedding day began!

Joe, we’ve learned a lot about you over the past several months. Our favorites being your character and chivalry. (We may or may not have overheard talk about your respect towards Cassie’s father, and we already know how perfectly you treat your bride.) Your values are evident, and any man will be wise to take notes. Your father raised a good man.

A special thank you to all of your family and friends. They showered us with compliments and made us feel a part of the family.

And last but not least … we’ve never had so much fun at a reception. Seeing so many guests on the dance floor was fun to witness — especially the kid dance off! Shout out to the DJ, Chris Harris, for keeping the dance floor hot!

Cassie and Joe, thank you for entrusting Amber Mark Photography with your wedding photography.  We wish you many decades of love and laughter. You both have made a positive impact on us, and we hope our friendship continues!


Much Love, 

Tiffany Amber & Christopher Mark

Amber Mark Photography

Danny and Maddy's Engagement Session @ Lafayette Park in St. Louis!

“You're that part of me that I'll always need.”

Introducing, Danny and Maddy — A.K.A. THE CUTEST COUPLE!!! But really, they are. Seriously! These high school sweethearts won the Cutest Couple Award back in high school. And it appears they haven’t missed a beat.

Shooting their engagement session at Lafayette Park in St. Louis was ridiculously fun. Yes, it was hot and humid, but who cares when there’s that much love in the air?!

Let me see if I can summarize our future bride and groom for y’all…

Danny and Maddy met in high school and — wait, we’ve already covered that.

Let’s try this, instead …

If I were to imagine a typical morning of Maddy and Danny’s, it might begin with fond conversation over a morning a cup of Joe. Always impassioned, never irritated.

The morning unfolds as each part ways. It’s off to school or work. For Maddy, she’ll soon be done with her second year of graduate school. She’s studying speech pathology, and is excited for the transition to a new professional chapter in life. Danny has similar feelings as he transitions careers as a mechanical engineer.

Their ideal day might be capped with a Netflix or Hulu binge … possibly after a competitive game of tennis if time allowed, or maybe following a date night. They are big foodies!

No matter what the agenda or stress level of the day, they are a total match made in heaven. They are both intelligent and ambitious individuals, but their personality strengths are exposed when they are together. During our engagement session with them at Lafayette Park, anytime we took our eyes off of them for a second, we would catch them high-fiving, fist-bumping, or laughing together. Living in their own world. And totally in love. These two are genuine naturals in front of the camera, and required almost zero posing coaching from us.

Maddy and Danny, we LOVED spending time with you during your engagement session!! And we are grateful to spend a little extra time with you post-session, and the opportunity to introduce you to Clementine’s Naughty & Nice Creamery in Lafayette Square!

Keep that love strong, guys!

We’re so excited for your big wedding day next year!

Check out Danny and Maddy’s session and drop us some thoughts!!!

Much Love

T&C // Tiffany & Chris

Amber Mark Photography

Michael & Amy's Engagement Session in New Town at St. Charles! 💍📷✨

Congratulations on beginning your fairytale! 

We are truly blessed for the opportunity to share Amy and Michael's engagement session with you! After multiple rescheduled dates due to inclement weather, we finally got the perfect sunny afternoon to witness the love between Amy & Michael and capture their engagement pictures. What a blast! There were many moments during the session that made us laugh in New Town, Saint Charles, Missouri. One was a couple walking by the New Town Amphitheatre (who had clearly been having a little too much fun!), who stopped right in front of the camera to pose like a prom couple with Amy and Michael! Towards the end of the session, Mr. Motorcycle Man stopped on the bridge to pose with the future bride and groom! Guess we missed the memo that we were shooting celebrities!?!? 😊 

Friends. Let us not forget that we love hanging out with this couple outside of photography. Yes -- did we mention they like to hang out with us too?? (That's what we tell ourselves, anyway!) Their occasional visits to St. Louis usually consists of a Cheesecake Factory date, chatting wedding, donuts for breakfast (Breakfast of Champions💪🏼), playing with our cats and dog (even though Michael is allergic to cats), hiking, and (thanks to Michael's introduction) the men obsessing over Oculus Rift (yes, the guys are nerds!). They are good people, great friends, and an amazing couple together. We're so grateful for our friendship!

We're confident you're "awwww-ing" over their beautiful pictures, but needless to say, that's just Amy and Michael. The love they share for one another just oozes out of them. You don't have to spend much time around them to get a glimpse of how sweet and genuine their hearts truly are. Amy is a very bubbly, happy person, and brings joy to every room and every person she encounters! Even over SnapChat when you've had a bad day! (Cue the song, Had a Bad Day by Daniel Powter.) Michael is hardworking, intelligent, patient, and strives to love Amy unconditionally. Their fairytale is the beginning of a beautiful story, and we're so excited to be a part of the Happily Ever After! We love you guys!

We are so excited and can hardly wait for their garden wedding in June 2019!

Drop Amy and Michael a comment below! 💕

Blake & Abbie - A Fairy Tale Wedding in Peoria, IL! 💕

Mr & Mrs Reuter

"You finally got your fairy tale!" said Abbie's father, Jay, as he held back tears. 

Instead of doing a first look with her soon-to-be husband, Abbie wanted to do a first look with her dad. That moment was so special to witness because it displayed how wonderfully bonded Abbie's family is. Abbie's mother, Marjorie, and two sisters, Christy and Angie, had spent all morning with her (doing hair and makeup at Pamper Me Please Salon!) gushing over just how beautiful she was!! 

One of our favorite things about shooting wedding photography is that we get to feel a part of the family for the day!! And we love family. Weddings bring all shapes, ages, and sizes of families together and the whole day is filled with such a sweet joy in the air—it’s contagious.

Now back to the main attraction, the lovely newlyweds! 💕 Abbie was a stunning bride and she definitely did a fabulous job picking out a man. Blake, although he probably won't let you pick up on it right away, is just a big ole teddy bear. Beyond being an incredibly considerate and kind man, Blake is whole-heartedly, 100%, entirely, and absolutely in love with Abbie! As Blake stood at the altar and watched Abbie walk down the aisle, everyone who saw his expression can attest!

Believe it or not, that beautiful Saturday, November 25, 2017 at St. Thomas Church in Peoria, Illinois was a pretty special day for us too. Chris met Abbie and Blake in college at Western Illinois University (WIU) and Blake and Chris quickly became friends. They met as fraternity brothers and are founding fathers of that chapter! They lived together for a year before Blake graduated and moved to Colorado, but their friendship never skipped a beat. Yes, there are tons of embarrassing stories if you’re ever curious!!! 😋 Good luck prying them out, though.

Blake was one of Chris’s groomsmen in our wedding in September 2015, and Chris was blessed with the opportunity to stand beside Blake as one of his groomsmen as well! (That’s right! Chris pulled double-duty as groomsman AND wedding photographer!! But we rocked it!!) We are so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to photograph this celebrity couple's special day, but also to have such wonderful friends! We love you guys!

Check out some sneak peeks from their wedding below! You'll love the special details at their reception (The Gateway Building, located right on the river!!!) that they incorporated! Many of them handmade by the bride, her sisters, and friends!!


Mr. & Mrs. Blake Reuter! 

👰🏻 🤵🏼 💍


We love you!

Chris & Tiffany