Jessica + Greg's STL Wedding

As the music started playing, the guests stood, and you began walking down the aisle, we could see your heart fluttering as your eyes met your soon to be husband, Jessica. You were a beautiful bride, and Greg is a very lucky man! Although we saw many shedding happy tears during the ceremony, a little birdie MAY have indicated Greg led the way! Another bird (or maybe the same one? 😉) said he'll never admit it, though! 😉

Your love for each other was evident throughout the day. We even caught Jessica peaking out behind the curtains obsessing over how amazing her future man looked! (And yes, we have the pictures to prove it, Greg!) Thank you for letting us share in your special day! You're perfect teammates! Never stop loving!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Thurmond! 🍰💍🎉

Much love, Tiffany Amber & Christopher Mark 💕