Ethan + Cheyanne | Emmanuel Free Methodist Church + Lewis and Clark Community College Wedding | Alton, IL | 2019

Ethan + Cheyanne

Emmanuel Free Methodist Church

+ Lewis and Clark Community College Wedding

| Alton, IL |


Growing up in Emmanuel Free Methodist Church, had someone told me (Chris) I’d be shooting a wedding there one day I would have laughed and called them crazy.

But that changed in 2019. With a very special young couple, Ethan and Cheyanne.

Your wedding day was simple and elegant and truly reflected the two of you! Emotions were high but diverse the day of the wedding, from a group of giggly bridal girls to Cheyenne’s emotional first look with her dad.

And I know we’re beating a dead horse, always talking about how we’re thankful the rain held back… but it’s true!!! 😂 Ethan and Cheyanne’s wedding day was yet another example of God holding back a rainy forecast so he could get a clear view of a beautiful marriage happening. And so our bride and groom could enjoy a little sunshine. (Just kidding — A LOT of sunshine! 🥵)

One of our favorite memories on the day could be Cheyanne TEARING up the dance floor, encircled by the majority of her reception guests. Or maybe it was everyone oohing and ahhing over the adorable flower girl and ring bearer. OR it was probably the look on Cheyanne’s face throughout the day. Such passion and love. A genuine heart. She was just so… present. And Ethan couldn’t be a more suitable gentleman for Cheyanne and her heart. It is just truly a joy to see them together. They are country music enthusiasts, teammates, high school sweethearts, dreamers. They seem to be a simple, true couple that deeply know each other. True best friends.

And in case you missed it in the background… they met in high school. Cheyanne said Ethan was her very first real relationship, and they’ve been writing their story ever since. Ethan proposed on a cliff overlooking a beautiful lake at the Elephant Rocks, and now they’re looking forward to traveling the country together!

Ethan and Cheyanne, here’s to you! Thank you for letting us help you tie the knot!

Much Love,

Tiffany Amber & Christopher Mark // Amber Mark Photography

Every little thing that you do baby I’m amazed by you.
— Tim McGraw