Michael + Brittany | Stone House of Saint Charles Wedding | Wedding | Saint Charles, MO | 2019

Michael + Brittany

| Stone House of Saint Charles Wedding |

| Wedding |

| Saint Charles, MO |


So this is love, so this is what makes life so divine.
— Cinderella

We absolutely adore this couple! Michael and Brittany are two of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. Tiffany and Brittany have known each other for years, but reconnected last year regarding their wedding and engagement photography! If you missed it, go check out their engagement blog post here! (But don’t forget to circle back to their wedding!!!)

Michael and Brittany chose the AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL 200-year-old Stone House of St. Charles in St. Charles, Missouri. We can’t stress enough how hard we fell in love with the venue! Michael and Brittany made the perfect decision booking Stone House of St. Charles. It is a 10-acre property dating back to the War of 1812, and has been renovated with a newly constructed Sycamore Hall, offers a gorgeous bridal suite in the original home, and a third building for the grooms and groomsmen quarters. We also have to plug the house DJ, DJ Gee — hard to find a better fit for your reception party!!! Speaking of… We’re also not sure you’ll find a better crew to keep the party going all night long than Michael and Brittany’s wedding party!

Michael and Brittany, we’re so happy you found each other and found true love. It was such a marvelous thing to be a part of, and brought back our wedding day feelings being so intimately close to the love we witnessed on your wedding day.

Here’s to many decades of true love, and here’s to Michael and Brittany. May your marriage flourish!

Much Love,

Tiffany Amber & Christopher Mark // Amber Mark Photography

Ethan + Cheyanne | Emmanuel Free Methodist Church + Lewis and Clark Community College Wedding | Alton, IL | 2019

Ethan + Cheyanne

Emmanuel Free Methodist Church

+ Lewis and Clark Community College Wedding

| Alton, IL |


Growing up in Emmanuel Free Methodist Church, had someone told me (Chris) I’d be shooting a wedding there one day I would have laughed and called them crazy.

But that changed in 2019. With a very special young couple, Ethan and Cheyanne.

Your wedding day was simple and elegant and truly reflected the two of you! Emotions were high but diverse the day of the wedding, from a group of giggly bridal girls to Cheyenne’s emotional first look with her dad.

And I know we’re beating a dead horse, always talking about how we’re thankful the rain held back… but it’s true!!! 😂 Ethan and Cheyanne’s wedding day was yet another example of God holding back a rainy forecast so he could get a clear view of a beautiful marriage happening. And so our bride and groom could enjoy a little sunshine. (Just kidding — A LOT of sunshine! 🥵)

One of our favorite memories on the day could be Cheyanne TEARING up the dance floor, encircled by the majority of her reception guests. Or maybe it was everyone oohing and ahhing over the adorable flower girl and ring bearer. OR it was probably the look on Cheyanne’s face throughout the day. Such passion and love. A genuine heart. She was just so… present. And Ethan couldn’t be a more suitable gentleman for Cheyanne and her heart. It is just truly a joy to see them together. They are country music enthusiasts, teammates, high school sweethearts, dreamers. They seem to be a simple, true couple that deeply know each other. True best friends.

And in case you missed it in the background… they met in high school. Cheyanne said Ethan was her very first real relationship, and they’ve been writing their story ever since. Ethan proposed on a cliff overlooking a beautiful lake at the Elephant Rocks, and now they’re looking forward to traveling the country together!

Ethan and Cheyanne, here’s to you! Thank you for letting us help you tie the knot!

Much Love,

Tiffany Amber & Christopher Mark // Amber Mark Photography

Every little thing that you do baby I’m amazed by you.
— Tim McGraw

Michael + Amy | Inn at 835 - A Boutique Hotel | Springfield, IL | 2019

Michael + Amy

Inn at 835 - A Boutique Hotel

| Springfield, IL |

| 2019 |

Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.

Bless their hearts. The perfect couple. Two perfect hearts. A perfect future. Wow!!! It doesn’t get much better than this!

Michael and Amy chose the BEAUTIFUL Inn at 835 in Springfield, Illinois for their wedding weekend. Tucked away near the heart of Springfield, this quaint B&B had such a pleasant, peaceful, and homey personality to it. We adored it!

Just blocks away from the Inn at 835 you’ll find Washington Park, where we took the guys’ pictures in between rain drops. Humbly nestled near a small lake you’ll find a special tree planted by one of Amy’s family members, now “grow’d up” into a healthy young tree. Also a handful of blocks away—this time north of the Inn at 835—is the aged Union Square Park, where Amy and her bridesmaids posed for the camera, seeking occasional asylum from the sun under a gazebo. The Land of Lincoln has so much to offer, but we only got a taste of it!

For the wedding day, Amy woke up with much anxiety over the rainy forecast, but her stockpile of good juju forced the weather to break just before the bridesmaids’ photos and ceremony, and her family rallied to set up the chairs outside for Amy’s desired garden ceremony. The day played out beautifully and made for an enjoyable afternoon and evening!

Blessed, we were, with the opportunity to stay through the whole weekend, from the rehearsal dinner to breakfast at Amy’s parents’ home with her family…and we can truly say they are surrounded with amazing family and friends. That is to say, we know where they get their hearts from!!!

Needless to say, it was a very special wedding for us. These two have hearts of gold and are amazing friends. They’re always there to offer encouragement and understanding. They’ll even offer the occasional FaceTime, just because. And they’re always there to offer us oreos!! Constantly doing things for others, they impact many lives…and they may not know it. We’re so thankful to be a part of their lives!

Amy and Michael, THANK YOU for the beautiful opportunity to play a part in your story. WE LOVE YOU!

Much Love,

Tiffany and Chris // Amber Mark Photography

Jacob + Heather | Stone House of St. Charles Wedding | Saint Charles, MO | 2019

Jacob + Heather

| Stone House of St. Charles Wedding |

| Saint Charles, MO |

You are my sun ☀️, my moon 🌙, and all my stars ✨!

We’re finding it so difficult not to begin this blog post with just saying “Wow”. But that is what keeps coming to mind while reflecting on Jacob and Heather’s wedding day at the BEAUTIFUL 200-year-old Stone House of St. Charles in St. Charles, Missouri.

Originally owned by the Cottle family more than 200 years ago, this charming 10-acre property is a page out of the history books, with humble beginnings dating back to the War of 1812. According to the Stone House of St. Charles website, it was “known as one of the finest in St. Charles County, with its architectural charm of the last century.” The stone home offers a gorgeous bridal suite, and most brides and grooms choose either the grass in front of the pergola or the newly constructed Sycamore Hall for their wedding ceremony and reception. Although newer, Sycamore Hall fits right in with the stone house and can fit up to 400 people. The current owners Ruth and Mike have done a phenomenal job with the property and Stone House of St. Charles has shot to the top of the wedding venues list in St. Louis / St. Charles area!

Jacob and Heather (in our opinion) couldn’t have chosen a more perfect venue. The weather could have been a little more cooperative, but the rain cleared up just in time.

The entire day was beautiful, but some of our favorite intimate details were Heather’s necklace, a gift from her grandfather, and Heather’s HAIR! Her hair was seriously one of our favorites — we couldn’t stop talking about it!

While we spent much of our morning in the bridal suite, we must also note the very cool, fully furnished groom’s quarters, featuring TV’s and a pool table.

From the moment we first met this amazing couple we knew it would be a fabulous journey. Heather and Jacob, we are so happy for you. Your day was so enjoyable and everything so elegant. Congratulations, congratulations! ❤️ We had a blast with you, your families, and friends!

Please peruse these sneak peaks from their wedding day, and help us congratulate them on their fairytale beginnings!

Much Love,

Tiffany Amber & Christopher Mark // Amber Mark Photography

Danny + Maddy | Christ Church Fairview Heights + 4204 Main Street Brewing Co Wedding | Belleville, IL | 2019

As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen.
— Winnie The Pooh

Have you ever met someone that leaves you smiling and laughing anytime you’re around them? Of course you have! (And no, we’re not referring to your significant other—although that’s a great answer 😉). Danny and Maddy are exactly those people. Always smiling, always laughing. Their goofiness is contagious and love is genuine. Although we just met them last year, we feel like we’ve known them much longer, simply because of their kindness and welcoming friendship.

We loved shooting their engagement session at Lafayette Square Park in St Louis, Missouri and loved being a part of their wedding day even more! 🥰 We’re sure they know, but they’re surrounded with amazing friends and a terrific family as well. Danny and Maddy were married at Christ Church in Fairview Heights, a beautiful church inside and out! Followed by bridal party portraits at The National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, and lastly, their reception party at 4204 Main Street Brewing Co. in Belleville, Illinois.

It should be noted that although the St Louis Blues lost the playoff game this night, Danny was clearly winning long-term by marrying his best friend AND seeing the Blues take the 2019 Stanley Cup shortly after! Let’s go BLUES!

No matter how big or small, these two love birds said they’re looking forward to conquering all adventures in life together and we are confident that they will do just that! Danny and Maddy, we’re excited to watch your marriage grow over the years, and are excited to give you one more CONGRATULATIONS on your big day!

Much Love,

Tiffany & Chris // Amber Mark Photography