What are you grateful for?

Tomorrow is the day that we take a breather from the treadmill called life to enjoy the pleasures and company that we often take for granted.

Our God that loves us and watches over us. The army of loved ones that surround and support us in the background. The “things” we have that are certainly taken for granted despite our human nature always desiring more. Our clients that we are blessed to serve with our passion for photography. And the opportunity to make an positive impact—no matter how small—on every person we encounter each day.

As you’re traveling to your family's Thanksgiving gathering, whether in the city or the countryside;

As you’re overflowing your plate with turkey, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole (and taco salad if you’re Thanksgiving is spent with Chris Schaefer 😉);

As you’re visiting with your family you see every day or once a year;

As you’re watching Thanksgiving Day football ...

Remember to be present, be joyful, and be grateful.

And for one day let’s be mindful not to take these riches for granted, for our small family gatherings are feasts for kings and queens to millions of less fortunate families in the world. 


Some thoughts to ponder: 

1) What are three things you are taking for granted right now you can be grateful for?  

2) What is one thing you can do this week to make a positive impact on someone else’s life? Even if it’s giving a genuine smile and ‘How are you?’ Or making genuine conversation with the store clerk that has to work Black Friday to put a meal on the table.


Make tomorrow about true Thanksgiving, and remember to exercise this weekend!! 




Much Love, 

Tiffany & Chris // Amber Mark Photography