Ryan + Kaitlyn | Forest Park + The Muny | Engagement Session | St Louis, MO | 2019

Ryan + Kaitlyn

| Forest Park + The Muny |

| Engagement Session |

| St Louis, MO |


Together is a wonderful place to be.

Happy Friday y’all!

Today we’re excited to drop Ryan and Kaitlyn’s engagement session. They’re one of the sweetest couples we’ve met, and they fit right in with their goofy, laughing, and loving personalities!

These two college sweethearts got engaged last October, and Ryan’s proposal is our favorite part… The way we’ve come to understand it, it was quite the surprise. After Ryan’s sister called claiming she lost her phone while walking the dog, Ryan and Kaitlyn headed to Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park in St. Louis, MO on the hunt to find it. However, as they scoped the 2,000+ acre park, Ryan was discreetly vetting the best spot to propose! No big deal. Surprise! 💍And here we are today 🙂

When we had our first phone call with Kaitlyn earlier this year, she was super excited to tell us how much she loves our light, airy, and natural light style of photography. We had quite a fun conversation together (while Ryan off was watching a volleyball game!) and had an inkling that we’d get along fantastic. Shooting their engagement session just solidified how much fun these two are, and we’re super excited for their wedding in May 2020!

In the meantime, you two lovebirds, enjoy life’s adventures together. And enjoy these memories until we can create more on your wedding day!

Much Love!

Tiffany & Chris // Amber Mark Photography

Clayton + Rachel | Old Town Saint Charles | Engagement Session | Saint Charles, MO | 2019

Clayton + Rachel

| Old Town Saint Charles |

| Engagement Session |

| Saint Charles, MO |

| 2019 |

We’re grateful for life. We’re grateful to know good people. And we’re grateful our passion for people and wedding photography allows us the opportunity to meet even more good people.

Clayton and Rachel are the epitome of good people. They love, they laugh, they care, and they’re genuine. And together they’re perfect.

Clayton proposed to Rachel at the beautiful Castlewood State Park last November, and soon they’ll be married and opening new chapters together.

Thank you for trusting us with capturing the love you two share, and we’re SO excited for your wedding! For everyone else, keep an eye out later this year to catch their wedding photography!

Much Love,

Tiffany & Chris // Amber Mark Photography

Michael + Brittany | St Louis Estates Historic Von Eime | Engagement Session | Sunset Hills, MO | 2018

Michael + Brittany

| St Louis Estates Historic Von Eime |

| Engagement Session |

| Sunset Hills, MO |

| 2018 |

brittanyandmichaelblogsneaks (1 of 61).jpg
“I don’t believe in magic.”
The young boy said.
The old man smiled.
”You will, when you see her.”
— Atticus

We are super excited to share Michael and Brittany’s engagement session with you!

It was truly a blessing to get a little taste of St. Louis history, nestled quietly in the middle of Sunset Hills in St. Louis. We’ve called St. Louis “home” our whole lives and have lived just minutes away from this hidden gem since 2014, but unaware of its existence.

Michael and Brittany’s engagement session was photographed at a beautiful Sunset Hills location, now known as the St. Louis Estates Historic Von Eime. Formerly a vineyard and farm, the land features rolling acres of scenic open space surrounded by an audience of painted trees, native plants, and abundant wildlife. 

Just a short time spent in the natural beauty and tranquility made us feel like we were out in the country… That is, until we ventured far enough to hear whispers of cars on I-270 through the trees, which brought us back to reality — “Oh, yeah, we’re still in St Louis, Dear!”

Fun Fact: We were also amazed to learn from Mr. Todd A. Strong that although the St. Louis Estates Historic Von Eime was built in 1852, it has never been photographed for a portrait session before!!

The experience was really exciting and it was a great little reset from the treadmill called life!

Mike and Brittany are the perfect match. Mike is a police officer and Brittany teaches the sixth grade, and together they impact the lives of many, which they’re passionate about. Unfortunately, their time together is often limited due to opposite work schedules, making the time they do spend together evermore special. The location for their engagement session was fitting, as they both enjoy the outdoors. Mike grew up on a family farm and enjoys hunting, and Brittany loves hanging out with Ruger, their ADORABLE little fur-baby!

Brittany and Mike met online and hit the ground running. Well, sort of. Apparently, the first date did not go well!! 😂. We don’t know the story behind it, but they are especially grateful for agreeing to a second date! They both chuckled when they told us this, so we suspect there is quite a story! 😊 Fast forward a few years, and Michael proposed to Brittany out west at the edge of Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Such an AMAZING location choice!!! Wow!

Mike and Brittany, we’re so incredibly happy for you and so excited for your wedding!

Much Love,

Tiffany & Chris // Amber Mark Photography

Ryan + Hannah | Pere Marquette Park Engagement | Grafton, IL | 2018

Ryan + Hannah

| Pere Marquette Park Engagement |

| Grafton, IL |

| 2018 |

Because even forever doesn’t seem long enough with you.
— unknown

Happy Sunday!!

If you’re in the Greater St. Louis area this weekend, we hope that you can get outside to take advantage of slightly warmer weather. #OptOutside and hike!

Thats what Hannah is probably doing. In heels. Because she doesn’t mess around. And who knew? For their engagement session, she tackled the bluff trails of Pete Marquette in Grafton, IL like a seasoned hiker. On a cold, super windy day!

Ryan and Hannah met in a not-so-unique way these days. (Well, unless you’re talking to past generations.) This awesome couple met on Tinder. By accident. How does that happen, you ask? Well, Ryan was out to dinner and drinks with his boss and coworkers, and downloaded Tinder to show his boss how it worked. He swiped right on Hannah as he explained. Near the same time, Hannah and a friend were drinking wine and being goofy on Tinder, but fate intervened.

It took several weeks of talking before they became comfortable enough to meet, and Ryan was lucky enough to be the first guy ever to pick her up for a date at her house. After Ryan drove an hour to pick her up, they drove another hour together for Olive Garden, because they say they’re both “fatties and love pasta”!

Ryan proposed on a boat at Lake of the Ozarks. We still aren’t sure whether he cried because he’s a crier, or because shocked Hannah took a while to say ‘yes’.

This beautiful couple is already a little family with two dogs and two children. There’s never a dull moment either, because Ryan and Hannah are absolutely HILARIOUS. Ryan had us rolling the entire session. Their personalities are a match made in heaven, and we don’t expect they’ll EVER get bored of each other’s cheesy jokes.

Ryan and Hannah, we cant WAIT for your big day in 2019!! Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts!!

Much Love,

Tiffany & Chris // Amber Mark Photography

Jacob + Heather | Eckert's Farm Engagement | Belleville, IL | 2018

Jacob + Heather

| Eckert’s Farm |

| Engagement Session |

| Belleville, IL |

| 2018 |

They asked him, “How’s your life?”
He smiled and answered, “She’s fine.”
— unknown

Did you know that Starbucks has a secret menu? Well, they do. And if you already knew, maybe you’ve tried Jacob’s favorite Starbucks drink: the Harry-Potter-inspired Butter Beer.

We’re here tonight congratulating Jacob and Heather. A unique couple in love paired together by Schnucks. (Wait—what?) That’s right, they met at work. They have both since moved on and advanced their careers, with Jacob in the insurance industry and Heather recently graduating from Missouri State with a BFA in Drawing (She’s the artistic one 😉🎨); but they will never forget good ole’ Schnucks. Fun fact: Jacob trained Heather at Schucks — the icebreaker necessary to break through Heather’s shy personality, leading them down a path to friendship and, ultimately, marriage.

…Well, actually, it led them UP a path… a mountain path to a Colorado summit, where he proposed. Which is why we absolutely loved their engagement story, as the mountains hold a special place in our hearts, too. Jacob and Heather love hiking, and noted that a few of their favorite Missouri hikes include Taum Sauk Trail (a 12.3-mile section of the larger Ozark Trail), Johnson's Shut-Ins, and Elephant State Park. But this fascinating couple apparently left their hearts in the Colorado Rockies, as evidenced by their plan to move there.

The good news is, this couple is on top of wedding planning, driven by Jacob’s attention to detail. Heather even believes Jacob would dominate “Don't Tell the Bride”, the BBC show where the groom plans the wedding from start to finish. (Side Poll: Would you trust your fiancé to plan your wedding start to finish!?!?!? Let us know in the comments — for fun!!!)

Check out their engagement session at Eckert’s Farm in Belleville, Illinois, and help us congratulate this couple as they venture down a new life trail!

Much Love,

Tiffany & Chris // Amber Mark Photography