4 Life Lessons from the Hummingbird - Swansea, IL (A Throwback from August 2017!)

"With brave wings, she flies......"

Hey friends! 

Every winter we look back over what we did and what we learned over the last year. Although winter is a season of life in the Midwest and good ole' St. Louis, Missouri, we absolutely love the warmer months of the year! So, we thought we would take a moment to reflect and share with you one of our spontaneous shoots from August 2017!

🌷 Last August, we had the opportunity to photograph hummingbirds in Swansea, Illinois. If you've never tried to freeze time and capture shots of this speedy creature--it is no easy task! They are FAST, like really fast! Of course, for Chris, that makes it a challenge that he can't resist! 

🌻 Hummingbirds are so incredibly complex and unique. That summer day, we fell in love with their vibrant colors, personalities, and their ability to buzz around silently. Our fascination soon turned to contemplation. We saw more than just these little beauties fluttering around us that day. It was watching their process, and thinking beyond simply what hummingbirds are and considering what they symbolize. 


Hummingbirds reminded us of a few things:

1. Even though hummingbirds can fly backwards, you usually don't see them do so. This reminds us that we can look back on our past but that we should not dwell on our past. Be joyful. Be brave. Be fearless. 

2. When a hummingbirds drinks nectar from a flower, this reminds us that we should savor every sweet moment in life and not take things for granted. Let us all take time to appreciate the people that you love most. Think of something that you're grateful for. 

3. Hummingbirds are seemingly tireless. Let this always be a reminder to keep pushing forward. Continually seek out the beauty of the day. Find the positives. And strive to become the best version of yourself.

4. Hummingbirds migrate thousands of miles; a reminder to never give up on your dreams. Accomplish the impossible. Prove them wrong. 


🌸 What does Spring mean to you? ((Drop us a comment below!!)) 

To us, Spring means green grass, mud puddles, rain showers, picnics, open windows, ICE CREAM, flowers, and sunshine! We love seeing nature thrive again as well as all those little critters (like hummingbirds!!!) that reappear! Some areas see hummingbirds as early as mid-March! (Have you seen any of these beauties yet this year??) We hope that as you go into Spring you're able to take time to relax, breathe in the fresh air, and remember lessons from the hummingbird! You are capable of anything!

Happy first week of Spring! Go be unstoppable! 

Much love, 

Tiffany & Chris