Blake & Abbie - A Fairy Tale Wedding in Peoria, IL! πŸ’•

Mr & Mrs Reuter

"You finally got your fairy tale!" said Abbie's father, Jay, as he held back tears. 

Instead of doing a first look with her soon-to-be husband, Abbie wanted to do a first look with her dad. That moment was so special to witness because it displayed how wonderfully bonded Abbie's family is. Abbie's mother, Marjorie, and two sisters, Christy and Angie, had spent all morning with her (doing hair and makeup at Pamper Me Please Salon!) gushing over just how beautiful she was!! 

One of our favorite things about shooting wedding photography is that we get to feel a part of the family for the day!! And we love family. Weddings bring all shapes, ages, and sizes of families together and the whole day is filled with such a sweet joy in the airβ€”it’s contagious.

Now back to the main attraction, the lovely newlyweds! πŸ’• Abbie was a stunning bride and she definitely did a fabulous job picking out a man. Blake, although he probably won't let you pick up on it right away, is just a big ole teddy bear. Beyond being an incredibly considerate and kind man, Blake is whole-heartedly, 100%, entirely, and absolutely in love with Abbie! As Blake stood at the altar and watched Abbie walk down the aisle, everyone who saw his expression can attest!

Believe it or not, that beautiful Saturday, November 25, 2017 at St. Thomas Church in Peoria, Illinois was a pretty special day for us too. Chris met Abbie and Blake in college at Western Illinois University (WIU) and Blake and Chris quickly became friends. They met as fraternity brothers and are founding fathers of that chapter! They lived together for a year before Blake graduated and moved to Colorado, but their friendship never skipped a beat. Yes, there are tons of embarrassing stories if you’re ever curious!!! πŸ˜‹ Good luck prying them out, though.

Blake was one of Chris’s groomsmen in our wedding in September 2015, and Chris was blessed with the opportunity to stand beside Blake as one of his groomsmen as well! (That’s right! Chris pulled double-duty as groomsman AND wedding photographer!! But we rocked it!!) We are so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to photograph this celebrity couple's special day, but also to have such wonderful friends! We love you guys!

Check out some sneak peeks from their wedding below! You'll love the special details at their reception (The Gateway Building, located right on the river!!!) that they incorporated! Many of them handmade by the bride, her sisters, and friends!!


Mr. & Mrs. Blake Reuter! 

πŸ‘°πŸ» 🀡🏼 πŸ’


We love you!

Chris & Tiffany