Ryan's Class of 2018 Senior Portraits!

Hello, world! 

Meet Ryan, graduating Class of 2018. CONGRATULATIONS RYAN!!!

Ryan is one of five of Tiffany's younger brothers. He's a charming man with a very bright future. (And an amazing catch for a lucky woman one day!) We weren't able to pry out his future career plans, but we learned a ton of his interests -- one being photography! :) 

This was such an exciting morning!! It was a simultaneous double-header senior portrait session (is that possible?) for both Ryan and his brother, Nathan. 

Look for Nathan's senior session coming soon! We'll post a link here when it's up, but don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram too!!

First stop: Tower Grove Park in St. Louis, Missouri! The trees here were BURSTING with color!! We are so thankful we were able to capture the beauty before the leaves fall.

Although it was an overcast morning, there was plenty of light for this good-looking man to showcase his smile for a couple hours!! 

Brick buildings were also on Ryan's list so we perused the street scene in Lafayette Square ... But first ... priorities! We made a pitstop at Park Avenue Coffee for some espresso and coffees! (Great place, BTW! Check them out!)

On the way to Lafayette Square, though, we veered from the plan (and the road) for a moment (SQUIRREL!!!) for some awesome pictures at the Compton Hill Reservoir Park!!

Don't forget to keep an eye out for Ryan's brother Nathan's senior portrait session too! We'll post a link here when it's up! 

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Have a phenomenal weekend!!

Tiffany & Chris